Episode 22: Don’t Say The ‘Z’ Word

Zombie FlandersWe love it when this happens. We didn’t plan it, but it seems this week is the zombie episode. We’ve got zombie films, zombie video games and (sort-of)zombie TV show. Besides that, we get fairly nostalgic with our music choices, and celebrate one of the greatest weeks for comics in recent memory.

You can stream and download the show on Podomatic, or you can download us from iTunes.

Show notes as always, are below

Here are the two articles Kieran mentioned about Pacific Rim. Here’s hoping it does well.

MTV Splash Page has some good ideas for Vin Diesel in the Marvel Universe. Maybe Ares in Thor 3?

Kieran’s song of the week is Pixies – BAGBOY

Shaun’s song of the week is Jimmy Eat World – I Will Steal You Back

Kieran’s TV show of the week is The Returned (aka Les Revenants)

Shaun’s TV show of the week is World War Z

Kieran and Shaun are still loving The Last of Us

Kieran’s wrestler of the week is Daniel Bryan

A lot of comics are talked about this week, including Hawkeye #11, Batman/Superman #1, FF #8 and Lazarus #1


We’ve began to delete one episode per week because we can’t afford to increase our storage limit at Podomatic. If you want Episode 2: They Got A Tank then get it now, or give us a shout and we’ll email it to you.
If you wanna get in touch with us, you’re more than welcome to.


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A pop culture podcast with a positive mission statement! Every week we go through what we're currently enjoying in the worlds of film, TV, music, games, comics and general pop culture.
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